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    About COJO Welcoming all Challenges- Big and Small Since our inception in 1999, we have worked with clients to deliver high quality mailing and fulfillment services that suit their unique business requirements. At COJO, no job is too big or small and we welcome all challenges and the opportunity to
  • Mailing Services

    Services Direct Marketing, Essential Mail, Specialty Paper Products, Fulfillment Services, Product Supply and More Our mailing and related services begin by listening to you. We listen to your brief, suggest ways where you may be able to save time and money, then respond promptly with a quote for an innovative
    • Digital Printing Services

      Digital Printing (Digital Laser Printing and Digital Inkjet Printing) Digital print is fast growing as the number one print method of choice. It continues to dominate the short run printing sector with laser and inkjet printing quality that rivals traditional offset. With continuous, up to the minute information provided by
      • Laser Printing

        High Quality, High Speed, Laser Printing Services Whether you're after bold colour or classic mono (black print only), COJO's comprehensive laser printing services will exceed your expectations. Colour digital print options COJO has a large array of Colour Digital devices available with our laser printing services. Our brilliant Kodak digital
      • Inkjet Printing

        High Quality, High Speed, Inkjet Printing Services Inkjet Printing provides a method of personalising bulkier items such as envelopes, brochures, magazines and non standard wide sheet formats. COJO offers a variety of inkjet printing solutions and deploys a wide range of equipment in order to overcome many of the challenges
    • Fulfillment & Distribution

      Fulfillment, Warehousing & Distribution
    • Data Services

      Data Services Data Management Document Management and Programming eSolutions Look no further for innovative, highly developed and sophisticated data management and programming skills. COJO has it all. We can take any project or campaign and create a working solution. We understand the value and sensitive nature of your data and
      • Data Management Services

        Complete Data Management Services For a single file mail merge, daily statement runs, or complex matrix driven direct mailing, COJO can deliver. Our expertise in secure data management and manipulation ensures your mailing is executed with precise attention to detail. Our data management services include: Variable data merge - For
      • E-Solutions

        eSolutions The high level of electronic involvement needed in today's environment to reach your target market has increased significantly over the last decade and currently spans email, SMS, online ordering and fulfillment, print on demand, social networking and much more. This means that you need a supplier with the capabilities
      • Document Management Programming

        Document Management and Programming COJO Programmers prepare personalised/variable documents according to the criteria and specifications determined by you. A Document Architect (most often a member of your team) will provide the document structure, form and textual content to COJO. Our IT staff will analyse your data content and its integral
    • Mail House Services

      Mail House Services COJO‚s Traditional Mail Assembly Services include: Note: These services do not include our multi-media platforms such as eSolutions, Digital Printing, WF&D (Warehousing, Fulfillment & Distribution) and Selfmailers/Specialty Paper Products. Envelope Inserting Plastic Wrapping / Poly Bagging Manual Fulfillment or Hand Fulfillment Print Finishing Australia Post Lodgements Procurement
      • Envelope Inserting

        Envelope Inserting COJO has a wide range of Automated Inserting machines to suit a variety of inserting needs. From standard envelope inserting to accumulate, fold and insert and match mail capabilities, COJO offers it all. Primarily our inserting machines have 3 principal functions: 1. Standard Inserting: COJO's automated envelope inserting
      • Plastic Wrapping

        COJO’s Poly Bagging / Plastic Wrapping service COJO has multifunction high speed plastic wrapping machines capable of enclosing your mail piece or documentation in clear, pre-printed or "green" recyclable or bio-degradable plastic. Plastic wrap / Poly Bagging is a very effective & cost efficient way of protecting your mail piece
      • Hand Fullfillment

        Hand Fulfillment When jobs require work that cannot be automated COJO has a dedicated team of hand fulfillment professionals that can assemble intricate mail pieces. The processes involved in hand assembly may include, but are not limited to, the following: Matching i.e. Matching personalised items with each other and/or labels,
      • Lodgements

        Australia Post Lodgements The bulk of finished product leaving COJO is injected into the mail stream via Australia Post. This process is called Lodgement or lodging with Australia Post. COJO has had a long association with Australia Post and this is recognised with Australia Post endorsing COJO as a Bulk
    • Other

      Solutions We offer more than just the typical printing, mail processing, speciality paper products and fulfillment options - we take the very latest market intelligence and technology and bring it to a whole new level. COJO backs you with depth of experience and the intelligence to help you better connect
    • Procurement

      Procurement Experts During COJO's entire history we have been asked to procure some of the most obscure articles for Direct marketing and mail pieces such as glass test tubes, to children's paint pots and brushes, magnets, pens, stickers, ribbons to simple items such as envelopes, jiffy bags, boxes and stamps.
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