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Selfmailers/ Specialised Paper Products

Selfmailers, Specialised Paper Products or Paper Finishing are some of the names given to paper products that are created from a single piece of paper.

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The final paper product can often be a simple folded and glued piece, or they can be very complex products that include inkjet or digital print personalisation, tear perforations, time cut inner panels or nested sheets, time cut 2 or 3 up sheets, multiple glue types (such as permanent, semi permanent / resealable (latex), and remoist glue), standard and cross folding and even tipped on items.


A Self Mailer is an alternative to the traditional mail pack and in its final guise is an all-in-one mail piece. The process from flat printed sheet to a finished product containing multiple communication devices such as a personalised letter, with a brochure or flyer, tearable coupons, a response form and a self seal return envelope etc, is all produced in one pass. Our machine configurations are interchangeable and omni-directional allowing for an immense array of outcomes.

Specialised Paper Product, Paper Finishing

Specialised Paper Products are also created from a single printed sheet but these are not intended for postal dispatch. These would include, but are not limited to; rollout application forms (often found at insurance companies, banks, car hire outlets etc), charity reply envelopes, marketing materials, sealing for stitched inserts, magazine inserts or covers, concertina folds etc

Each product is tailored to your specific criteria. COJO's expertise with data programming, personalisation, digital print, and selfmailer production can provide you with the best outcomes for your business, advertising campaign, document preparation or mailing. Consultation with a COJO professional is always provided in the process.

COJO takes a single printed sheet and in one process can add on the horizontal or vertical (often both) any of the following processes:

  • Inkjet personalisation (duplex and spot colour capabilities)
  • Make score lines,
  • Create tear line perforations
  • Place spots, dashes or lines of permanent, semi permanent (peelable), resealable (latex) and self seal (remoist) glues
  • Time cut the sheet to create a smaller or nested document
  • Tip On / Adhere an item onto the piece
  • Time cut a 2 up or 3 up sheet to its individual layouts
  • Fold and cross fold the sheet in the required order
  • Trim the final piece to the correct size

This means that you won't have to print a number of pieces and then insert each one of them into an envelope.

Some Mailing and specialised paper products we continue to produce today:

  • Return Envelope Mailer (2 way mailer)
  • 12 Panel Roll Out Application form (4pp to 18 pp)
  • Nested Letter Mailer
  • Nested Letter with Return Envelope Mailer (2 way mailer)
  • Mailer with Pick & Place CD
  • Loyalty Card brochure or mailer
  • Self Mailer with Return Order Envelope (2 way mailer)
  • Brochure or mailer with Pull Tab
  • Brochure or mailer with external insert

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Max sheet size: 810 mm Width, up to 1200 mm length

How to Produce a Selfmailer / Specialised Paper Product?

How to create a self mailer/specialised paper product layout? Take a look at some of the images provided to give you an idea of what is involved. For further information on selfmailers click here or ask our experts and we will assist you all the way through your project.

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