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Procurement Experts

During COJO's entire history we have been asked to procure some of the most obscure articles for Direct marketing and mail pieces such as glass test tubes, to children's paint pots and brushes, magnets, pens, stickers, ribbons to simple items such as envelopes, jiffy bags, boxes and stamps.

As specialist procurement service providers we are dedicated to providing savings in procurement and have developed a strong expertise in procurement and procurement outsourcing. We procure items for companies that are not core products for their business. This entails a wide scope , including marketing related services and materials to IT services etc.

Our processes involve:

  • Purchases Planning & standards determination

  • Supplier research and selection.

  • Value analysis, financing and price negotiation

  • Making the purchase

  • Supply contract administration

  • Inventory control and stores

  • Distribution, disposal and other related functions

  • Reporting

Your company will benefit immediately from the expertise of our specialist procurement team with a core competency of negotiations and vendor selections.

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