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Hand Fulfillment

When jobs require work that cannot be automated COJO has a dedicated team of hand fulfillment professionals that can assemble intricate mail pieces. The processes involved in hand assembly may include, but are not limited to, the following:


i.e. Matching personalised items with each other and/or labels, envelopes, tubes etc

Blind Match

i.e. This is where you cannot see the matching components once the item is sealed. Match pre-printed personalised items and inserts (such as a personalised letter to a label, or a loyalty card to a with-comps slip and an envelope etc) to each other prior to inserting them into an envelope, jiffy bag or box


i.e. Place a flier, magnet, sticker or folded letter into the pre-folded pages of the main document.

Tip On’s (manual application and/or automated processing)

i.e. Loyalty Cards, Voucher Cards and Cash Cards (High security processing), Plastic, cardboard or paper cards, CD’s, Sachets, 3D items etc, placed on or into your items with glue (permanent, semi permanent [peelable] or resealable [latex] glue).

Hand Collate

i.e. Collate pages from different sources for book binding, collate pages with CD/DVD’s, with comps slips, magnets, stickers and other matter.

Pick & Pack

i.e. This is where we pull multiple items from a stock list in response to an order placed by you or directly by your customers online. These various components are assembled, packaged and dispatched according to instructions.

Affix items

Labels, stickers , stamps, ribbons, hot dots, tip on’s and many more.

Hand Package & Seal

i.e. Peal & Seal Jiffy bags, envelopes, CD cases etc.

Hand Assembly

i.e. Assemble CD packs, kits, packages, specialty boxes and 3 dimensional products more.

Prepare for Distribution

Local, national and international and Postal.

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Sometimes a mail piece or specialty pack just cannot be mechanised and the designer has no interest in compromising the concept. No problem – we have the team to take care of the assembly process. COJO has many years’ experience in hand production and this experience has evolved into a highly systemised way of taking on any project. Key supervisors monitor the production process, randomly sampling completed output to ensure compliance with the original brief. Accurate and High Quality output is the key focus of the hand fulfillment team.

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