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Mail House Services

COJO‚s Traditional Mail Assembly Services include:

Note: These services do not include our multi-media platforms such as eSolutions, Digital Printing, WF&D (Warehousing, Fulfillment & Distribution) and Selfmailers/Specialty Paper Products.

Direct Mailing:

Mailing is an incredibly strong and healthy form of one to one communication. Direct Mail has many advantages over broadcast mediums such as TV, Radio, Billboards etc as results from these mediums are not directly measurable.

Direct Mail is targeted. Unlike most broadcast mediums such as TV, radio, and other mass advertising techniques, mail lets you reach a very specific audience with your message. This “targetability” allows you to focus your marketing dollars on existing customers and targeted prospects who are likely to have greater interest in your products, offers and messages.

Direct Mail is personal. With mail, you can address your customers by name, speak to them individually, and appeal to their interests. And when customers feel that you understand their needs, they're more receptive to your message.

Direct Mail is tangible. Mail puts your message directly into your customers‚ hands. They can keep it for future reference or share it with others who might be interested in your products and services. It also lets you include response mechanisms, coupons, call to action codes, Personal URLs, and other elements to help induce response.

Direct Mail is measurable. Mail is one of the few media that gives you the ability to track the success of your marketing efforts. You can actively measure results, accurately analyse the market and market response to your services/offering along with reinforcing or building direct relationships. It can be as simple as counting the number of responses from your mailing campaign or analysing the number of Personal URL sites accessed.

Direct Mail is easy and cost-effective. You don't have to be a Direct Mail expert with a big budget to advertise with mail and when compared to other conventional methods of marketing, mail is one of the most cost effective and valuable return on investments. On a final note, we advise you to use your direct mailing collaboratively with other adverting and marketing mediums for a powerful impact. At COJO we stand ready to assist you with your multi-platform marketing campaigns to further propel your message and call to action. For information on what additional services we can offer you, take a look at our eSolutions.

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