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High Quality, High Speed, Inkjet Printing Services

Inkjet Printing provides a method of personalising bulkier items such as envelopes, brochures, magazines and non standard wide sheet formats. COJO offers a variety of inkjet printing solutions and deploys a wide range of equipment in order to overcome many of the challenges that can arise when personalising bulkier marketing pieces and mail items.

COJO's equipment portfolio in our Inkjetting department allows for very high speed addressing of envelopes, brochures and magazines but is not limited to these products. At one end of the spectrum COJO can personalise plastic gift and loyalty cards commonly associated with loyalty programs, and at the other end can personalise, in duplex, sheets as large as 1000 mm x 1200 mm. Formats of this size are typically associated with the numbering of tickets and the personalisation of complex self mailers.


In addition to a range of black inks chosen for their specific adherence qualities to various surfaces, COJO offers colour inks that enable a line of text to stand out on a page and be noticed. Particularly difficult surfaces can be personalised with UV curing inks that allow ink adherence to varnished products, plastics and even glass.


Plastic Card Printing:

  • Size: Credit/Loyalty Card size
  • Base or Background Image: Full Colour print
  • Personalisation: Variable overprint in Black

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Envelope printing:

  • Size: C6 to B4

Brochures & Magazines

  • Size: all common and specialty sizes and weights

Large Format Sheet Inketting:

  • Max Size: 1000 x 1200 mm
  • Printing Capabilities: duplex / 2 sided
  • Substrate: Any Paper or Plastics (non-standard materials subject to tests)

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Envelope Inserting - Automated or hand insertion

Poly Bagging or Plastic Wrap

Creation of Selfmailers or Specialised Paper Products

  • Scoring,
  • Perforating (horizontal & vertical, either or both)
  • Folding (roll fold, plough fold, gate fold, Z fold etc)
  • Gluing (Permanent, semi permanent, remoist etc),
  • Tip On's
  • Time Cutting (horizontal & vertical, either or both),

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