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Envelope Inserting

COJO has a wide range of Automated Inserting machines to suit a variety of inserting needs. From standard envelope inserting to accumulate, fold and insert and match mail capabilities, COJO offers it all. Primarily our inserting machines have 3 principal functions:

1. Standard Inserting:

COJO's automated envelope inserting machines can insert up to 8 items into a standard C6, DLX or C5 envelope and up to 6 items into B4

  • These items can include folded letters (flat for C4), flyers, DL or folded brochures, Reply Paid envelopes and often some specialty items such as magnets, business cards, CD's etc.
  • COJO has a large complement of specialised friction and specialty feeders to cater for non-standard inserts that form a daily part of what we do.

2. Accumulate, fold and insert ("Intelligent Inserting"):

COJO has barcode driven technology that can count, accumulate and fold multiple sheets according to the programming in a printed barcode (see Data Management & Document Programming). What makes COJO's Intelligent Inserting offering unique is the option to utilise very small 2D codes that do not detract from the overall creative feeling of a marketing piece.

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3. Match and insert:

This is a true specialty at COJO. COJO's camera matching systems can match items in two ways:

  • Match insert to insert – up to 4 inserts
  • Match inserts to an addressed plain faced envelope – up to 4 inserts

Match Mail is a specialty at COJO - We pride ourselves on our ability to mechanically match the most challenging of projects. Once again very discreet 2D codes can be used – codes that measure no more than 1.3mm X 1.3mm (that's very small). If you don't like barcodes we can use numbers on the printed sheet and match with these. We can even mix the two together to provide the best outcome. Whatever your matching challenge may be COJO can provide a solution to give you peace of mind in the mailing process.

Mix it up! Accumulate, Match and insert

COJO can mix and match all of the above envelope inserting processes according to your needs. We will work hand in hand with you to determine and program the best solution for your needs.

To learn how COJO can provide exceptional mailing services for your business, call (02) 9417 8155 or submit an online enquiry form today.

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