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Document Management and Programming

COJO Programmers prepare personalised/variable documents according to the criteria and specifications determined by you.

A Document Architect (most often a member of your team) will provide the document structure, form and textual content to COJO.

Our IT staff will analyse your data content and its integral relationship to the layout design and the body text to see if there are any irregularities.

It is then the job of our programmers to introduce the data into the layout design with a logical series of instructions that will produce the document outcomes determined by you.

COJO's standard programming capabilities (Note: specialised projects require further consultation)

  • Multiple data streaming (many databases into one layout)
  • Barcode Programming (Australia Post 4 state Barcode, 2D, OMR, 3of9, 128 + other barcode symbology's)
  • Personalised Addressing & Salutation with rules to cater for irregular data content
  • Swap in and out of multiple images and signatures determined by flags in the data
  • Multiple interchangeable variable text and/or paragraphs
  • Variable Text and page flow around shapes or images
  • Programmed pagination
    - Where we can create rules that specify what text line the page finishes on, even when variable text extends the volume of print on one or more of the pages.
  • Interchangeable background colour / image
  • Name or Word "Font Fit" programming / White Space Management
    - for when you have a pre-determined space for variable text fields and your data contains names or words that are greater or smaller than the standard font and character spaces available. COJO can program the correct fit for large or small name / word lengths.
  • Mixplex printing & Multi stock printer programming
    Programming the document to instruct the laser printer to pull different stock types and stock colours from different input trays.

Although simple programming can be prepared in a few hours, layouts that use complex data driven criteria or that draw fields from many different data streams may require more than a day of work and testing.

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Document Management often requires a digital assets repository, where the programmer can utilise an image library, text content, supplied databases, and original documentation for reference.


Digital Printing:

Booklet Making:

  • Photobooks (bulk order)
  • Saddle Stitching, Perfect Binding, Thermal Binding, Spiral Bound, Stapled
  • Aqueous Coating,
  • Varnish,
  • Guillotine/Trim

Manuals (2, 3 & 4 ring binders),

  • Cover & Spine Insertion
  • Hole Punch,
  • Tab Printing
  • Stapled etc

Envelope Inserting - Automated or hand insertion

Poly Bagging or Plastic Wrap

Creation of Selfmailers or Specialised Paper Products

  • Scoring,
  • Perforating (horizontal & vertical, either or both)
  • Folding (roll fold, plough fold, gate fold, Z fold etc)
  • Gluing (Permanent, semi permanent, remoist etc),
  • Tip On's
  • Time Cutting (horizontal & vertical, either or both),
  • Guillotine/Trim

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