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Digital Printing (Digital Laser Printing and Digital Inkjet Printing)

Digital print is fast growing as the number one print method of choice. It continues to dominate the short run printing sector with laser and inkjet printing quality that rivals traditional offset.

With continuous, up to the minute information provided by today's online technology, any printed content such as letters, statements, fact sheets, brochures, flyers, magazines, annual reports etc need to be as relevant as possible and close to current movements and events of the time. One of our most attractive features is our ability to facilitate this with Print On Demand and standard Digital Print runs that can be produced with short lead and tight turnaround times.

Most traditional printing companies mass produce generic copies of your artwork without thought to the fantastic benefits you can get from personalisation or versioning.

While COJO can provide you with any generic digital print product, it is our decade and a half of mailhouse skill and expertise with handling databases and layout programming that differentiates us from your standard printer. We can personalise each and every page with our superior layout and data programming while still providing outstanding mono (black print only) and full colour print quality.

By using your current database and perhaps purchasing new data lists (from a list supplier) for new customer acquisitions, you will have the perfect measurable marketing tool. The results from your marketing or mailing piece will be instantly measureable against your databases, and the response rates will determine the campaign's ROI while at the same time you can build a new retention database for future projects.

COJO has two types of digital print technology available, Digital Laser printing and Digital Inkjet printing.

To learn how COJO can provide exceptional mailing services for your business, call (02) 9417 8155 or submit an online enquiry form today.

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