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Australia Post Lodgements

The bulk of finished product leaving COJO is injected into the mail stream via Australia Post. This process is called Lodgement or lodging with Australia Post. COJO has had a long association with Australia Post and this is recognised with Australia Post endorsing COJO as a Bulk Mail Partner. To achieve this status COJO must rigorously adhere to a defined standard and agreed methodologies when interfacing with Australia Post. Australia Post trucks collect mail from COJO daily, more often than not several times throughout the day.

From consultation on the design of the mail piece, through programming, layout preparation and ultimately to production for processing and lodgement, all that we do at COJO is focused on ensuring that your mail piece complies with Australia Post's rules & regulations. The reward for this is discounted postage costs, as COJO's work makes Australia Post's handling requirements less involved. Conversely, variance from strict discipline around mail presentation will result in loss of postal discounts. As volumes grow this can have a significant financial penalty and as such it is one of the core reasons why we are so focused on quality & strict adherence to the rules.

Australia Post offers a wide array of distribution services and selecting the right one for your product and timetable is essential. Your account manager has intimate knowledge of the various services and can guide you in selecting the best outcome. Most often it is the distribution costs that form the single largest expense in a campaign underscoring the need to get this part of the process right.

Some of the more common Australia Post services utilised by COJO include:

  • Full Rate Lodgment

  • Bulk Mail Pre-sort Service

  • Print Post Service

  • Parcel Post Service

  • Acquisition Mail

  • Charity Mail

  • Impact Mail

  • Express Post

  • Registered Post

  • Unaddressed Delivery Service (UDS)

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NOTE: Sometimes Australia Post is not the best fit for your distribution needs. In addition to Australia Posts distribution network COJO uses a number of private transport companies to move your product to its ultimate destination. In this process the three core focuses of price, speed and reliability are weighed against each other and the best fright supplier is selected.

To learn how COJO can provide exceptional mailing services for your business, call (02) 9417 8155 or submit an online enquiry form today.

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